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  • Carajean on 2014-Dec-14 23:36:06 Carajean said

    This does look prinosimg. I'll keep coming back for more.
  • Shakrit on 2014-Dec-16 18:50:00 Shakrit said

    Thanks!Regarding grades, that's a tough one we've <a href="http://oudvyjpvch.com">takeld</a> about a rating system, but at this stage decided against it for 3 reasons:*There may be restaurants that we only try once, and it's not really fair to give a grade based upon a single experience.*Some of the restaurants may be excellent at a few dishes, but overall so-so (or vice versa).*We recognize that our opinions should only be taken so seriously. We love that people respect us enough to seek rating information, but we're not entirely comfortable with, say, giving a rating to a Senegalese restaurant after having only tried Senegalese cuisine for the first (and perhaps only) time.
  • Sandeep on 2014-Dec-28 05:31:31 Sandeep said

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